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An energy efficient and highly robust, self-priming centrifugal pump, equipped with a large capacity pre-filter to increase water circulation and filtration in residential swimming pools. Also suitable for applications where the handling of aggressive liquids is required. The ‘Eswim’ operates in complete silence, programmable with a remote control and is fully compatible with salt water systems.

Technical features

  • Fibreglass reinforced technopolymer body, impellar and diffuser
  • Nylon strainer to prevent debris from entering the system
  • Strainer lid in clear antioxidant polycarbonate for easy inspection
  • Electrical motor shaft (Completely isolated from the water flow)
  • Mechanical seal in carbon / alumina / NBR / AISI 316
  • Butterfly drain plugs for easy removal and refitting without tools
  • Supplied with remote control for even greater efficiency and using the latest Trench IGBT technology
  • Two dedicated 32-bit processors. One for the motor and one for the highly intuitive user interface. Very easy to operate
  • Onboard computer and intelligent software to operate at adjustable ‘Constant speed’ or ‘Constant flow’ (no sensor required) to optimise performance and minimise energy use
  • Range reduction 1.5 HP model covers the performance of 4 pumps (0.5HP, 0.75HP, 1HP, 1.5HP) and 3HP models covers the performance of 6 pumps (0.5HP, 0.75HP, 1HP, 1.5HP, 2HP, 3HP)
  • Power supply: Single phase 230V 50 and 60Hz on demand
  • Operating range: Up to 30m3/h with pressure head of up to 15.4m
  • Maximum liquid temperature: +40°C (Minimum +4°C)
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +50°C
  • Motor: 4 speeds (2250 RPM, 3150 RPM, 3825 RPM and 4500 RPM)
  • Maximum operating pressure: 2.5 bar
  • Protection rating: IPX5
  • Insulation rating: Class F



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