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Two factors distinguished the work of the society in recent years, a strong attention to changing markets and a company policy aimed at the development of commercial structures in areas considered strategic for logistical and market potential. Very important has been the experience in identifying, acquiring and integrating complementary businesses with their own, which enabled the Group to achieve significant synergies by consolidating its market leadership. Today the group Aqua is an international reality that owes its strength and its success to the work and commitment of many people.

The breadth of scope and diversification of product lines in the Group, the right mix of flexibility and timeliness, have, over the years, contributed to achieving a real competitive advantage .

Aqua Industrial Group S.p.A. markets its products in approximately 100 countries around the world, makes use of all subsidiaries directly controlled, while where it is present with own subsidiaries, distribution is through independent distributors.



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In 2005, Aqua Middle East FZC was established as our regional branch office in the Middle East, enabling us to closely monitor and cater to the market's needs with utmost professionalism. Through Aqua Middle East FZC, our goal is to provide prospective clients with access to world-class products and services.
Operating from Aqua Middle East, we extend our services to countries in the Gulf, Levant, Central Asia, and Caucasus regions.
Our dedicated team of highly qualified professionals offers assistance throughout the design phase, material selection, calculations, calibration, commissioning, and provides comprehensive support for any after-sales service requirements.


Through our production attitude, our technical skill and our knowledge in all water treatment sectors, we want to put ourselves to our customers as a partner offering high quality strong innovation, right prices & dedicated service.


When we decided water would be the focus of our business, it was clear we had only to do it with dedication. Absolutely and honestly. With the awareness of who can only consider his work as part of a collective good. A huge responsibility and synergy.

It’s with this spirit that the group Aqua always faces the small and the large daily challenges. It’s this awareness that prompts us to follow certain absolute moral principles, in relations within the company and with suppliers and external customers. Some of these shared principles can be summarized as RESPECT. Unique and unconditional, defined as transparency, understanding and sincerity.

MOTIVATION. We believe that the involvement of all the different stages of processing, leading to an affection towards the company and its work, and consequently increase the spirit of initiative and sense of responsibility

In CURIOSITY. It’s the most precious asset we have. It is the spirit that animated many years ago this adventure. And it’s the best treatment that we know against the monotony.

Environment and Quality

Planet heart consists of approximately 75% of water, more than any other factor that affects human life. Without water, life would not exist. The philosophy of our company is to improve our knowledge on management, resources and how to preserve this gift for years to come. AQUA exists within a group of experts that 30 years have embraced this philosophy.

All Aqua products are designed and produced in accordance with global rules on health and environmental protection. Only the best raw materials are used in our production and every product is fully tested before being delivered.

Our company has certified its quality system in compliance with: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 normative.

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