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Galaxy Single-Element Cartridge Filter is built with high-strength and UVresistant material to prolong the product life. The compact and low height design is suitable for any pool especially with limited system setup space. The extensive dirt-catching capability of the filter element makes this filter highly efficient. A reliable choice for crystal clear water. Big one piece cartridge element provides a large filtration surface for trapping more dirt and debris. Less cleaning required, and unlike sand filters, needs no backwashing thus saving water and its precious chemicals.

  • Locking ring with quick-release latch allows removing and installing the top tank quickly.
  •  Large water drain makes fast and easy winterisaton.
  •  Simple cleaning and rinsing the filter element with a garden hose
  • 4 x mounting holes
  • Easy-grip lid handle
  • Indicative pressure gauge tells you when to service
  • Knee-height tank base facilitates easy cartridge replacement
  • Galaxy series filter is equipped with:
    -Universal standard of union connection
    -Pressure gauge
    -Cartridge filter element



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