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    A cast iron, large volume centrifugal pump with large pre-filter and 4 pole motor makes this pump very quiet and long lasting, the ideal solution for large swimming pools in commercial environments. Developed for low maintenance, the standard motor can be easily repaired or replaced without disruption to the connected valves or hydraulic system

    Technical features

    • Cast iron pump body, pre-filter, coupling and impeller
    • Large pre-filter basket made in AISI 316 Stainless steel
    • Silicon carbide mechanical seal
      (Tungsten carbon, AISI 316, EPDM,viton etc available on request)
    • Cast iron impeller as standard
      (Bronze impeller available on request)
    • Flange connection from DN-65 to DN-125
    • Stainless steel AISA 316 shaft coupling and screws
    • Motor and pump shafts connected by coupling
    • Standard asynchronous, 4 pole motor, sealed from external Cataphoresis processed for corrossion resistance..
    • Lubricated bearings to ensure long life and quiet operation
    • Suitable for high heights filtration systems (Vert HF-4 models only)
    • IE3 standardised motor: 1450 RPM at 50 Hz(1750 RPM at 60Hz)
    • Protection rating: IP55
    • Insulation rating: Class F
    • Power supply: 230/400V 50Hz and 60 Hz on demand



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