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• Curative and prevention of contamination of dissolved metals.
• Very small traces of metal can be found naturally in water including copper, iron and manganese. These metals are oxidized by disinfection treatments and cause the water to change colour. METALFIX isolates these metal ions and delays/prevents oxidation from occurring.

Pour 2.2Ib of powder METALFIX per 15,000 gallons (1kg/50m3) for the first treatment. Then add METALFIX, in the same proportion, depending on the volume of the water intake. For higher metal content above 1 ppm, double the dosing.


• Prevents inlay of dissolved minerals including limestone and metal deposits

For the first treatment, add 33 fl.oz. per 5,200 gallons (1Ltr/20m3) of water. For normal maintenance treatment, add ANTICAL according to the volume of water.




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