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Available for pools with PVC lining only. Consists of a soft insulating foam mat with closed-cell technology, manufactured for floor or wall insulation and  installed under the PVC lining. The SOFT WALK mat is a technical solution that significantly improves the pool’s comfort, creating a durable, soft surface that is particularly suitable for activities such as aquafit and hydrotherapy.

The mat has several advantages:

  • • Acts as an insulation layer between pool lining and structure, and reducing heat dissipation from the water
    • Makes walking on the pool floor safer and more comfortable
    • Prevents the liner from coming into direct contact with the concrete floor or the steel walls of the pool
    • Combined with a non-slip, pool floor coating, improved safety for users is guaranteed, especially in areas where the risk of slipping is higher, such as ladders and beaches
    • Creates a comfortable, soft surface, where pool users can relax. Ideal for ladders, whirlpool benches or in shallow areas of the pool
    • Easy installation with the use of glue and the relevant PVC finishing profiles



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