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Technical features

Context of use:

  • For private pools with a volume up to 200m3
  • For timed dosing of chlorine or other liquid disinfectants
  • Depending on the RX potential read through the built-in tool


  • Digital peristaltic pump with built-in Rx instrument
  • Ideal for the proportional dosing of chlorine and other disinfectants in the pool
  • Easy, precise and flexible use
  • Continuous digital display even without circulation flow
  • Flow presence/absence control through a connection to the circulation pump (Inhibit)
  • Level probe compatible.

The kit includes:

Rx electrode, 4m suction/injection pipe, 475 mV buffer solution to calibrate the electrode, wall fixing bracket and dowels, 2-in-1 electrode holder collar and product injection, suitable for DN50-63 ADPSTC pipes, foot filter.

Technical Features:

  • Power supply: standard 230V AC
  • Absorption: 15W (max)
  • Level inputs: standard
  • Inhibit inputs: 230V AC to activate and allow dosing (circulation pump)
  • Switch: on/off/prime
  • Probe type: Rx electrode




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