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    A reliable and highly efficient self-priming centrifugal pump with built-in large capacity pre-filter. The ‘Winner’ is extremely quiet to run and developed for water circulation and filtration in residential swimming pools.

    Technical features

    • Transparent polycarbonate lid for easy inspection of the pre-filter basket
    • Electrical motor shaft (Completely isolated from the water flow)
    • Includes a standard key for effortlessly opening of the pre-filter lid and fittings for the gluing.
    • Pump body, lid, diffuser and opening key in polypropylene, resistant to the chemical products in pools and reinforced with fibreglass to ensure excellent longevity
    • AISI 316 Stainless steel shaft
    • Noryl impeller
    • Aluminium support base
    • Mechanical seal in AISI 316 Stainless steel (Sea water compatible)
    • Bolts in AISI 304 stainless steel
    • Connections: Female thread 2” and PVC pipe Ø 63 glue fit / socket
    • Standard asynchronous motor, sealed from external ventilation
    • Motor bearings greased to ensure long life and silent operation
    • Power supply: 230V/415V 50Hz and 60Hz on demand
    • Motor: 2900 RPM
    • Maximum liquid temperature: +40°C
    • Protection rating: IP55
    • Insulation rating: Class F



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