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A safety vacuum release system (SVRS) is a system or a device that disables a pool pump’s suction ability so that a body or object trapped against the suction outlet is freed. It does this by inducting air to the pump and/or powering down the pump motor when it senses a sudden vacuum increase.

An SVRS can be easily installed in any pool, spa or water feature. These devices are built in the pump motor, installed as a controller, mounted onto the suction pipe, or are as easy as a replacement of a pump pot drain plug. The SVRS must be installed in conjunction with an approved VGB drain cover per ASME/ANSI A112.19.17. Most SVRS’s and ANSI/APSP-7.

Vacless Electrical Breathers provide immediate vacuum relief upon entrapment by allowing atmospheric air to rapidly fill the pump pot while simultaneously turning off the pump. Electrical units include a three-minute time delay restart and audible alert. We are introducing the 14 versions of SVRS systems identified as Breather I, Breather II, and Breather III



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