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All installations require preparation, a structure, a frame, and a base. Aqua Industrial Group presents the ‘MODULO 80’; a structure, designed and built in-house and the result of experience, knowledge and awareness, respecting all applicable regulations.

‘MODULO 80’ is a self-supporting structure, built specifically for the swimming pool market. Every single detail is designed to facilitate the work of the builder, and for this reason, our structure is made with a standard pitch of 80cm x 2mm including ribs, corners, bends to increase the structural strength, and back support; Blind holes have been included for features such as skimmers, lights and nozzles etc.

Adjustment screws allow the builder to create the perfect alignment when matching up the horizontal panels; and on the back support, there is a loop hole for positioning vertically. Furthermore, ‘MODULO 80’ lends itself to all the latest skimmer or overflow technology, with the possibility of alternative heights and options.

  • Panel produced with steel alloy and magnesium
  • Industrial production standard with pitch 80cm x 2mm thickness
  • Heights available: 120cm, 130cm, 140cm and 150cm
  • Structure: straight or free form
  • Systems with skimmers or overflow
  • Complete with holes, screws nuts, bolts etc.
  • Adjustment with 2 screws for easy coupling
  • Loop hole on back support for easy levelling
  • Double gasket on ABS articles



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