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Technical features

  • ALKOR PLUS B40 is a solvent-based polyurethane adhesive that can be used for gluing flexible materials of synthetic origin (including plasticized materials)
  • ALKOR PLUS B40 is used to facilitate hot-welding operations in the following cases:
    o To glue the central part of the non-slip lining to ladders, steps and roman steps; the edge is then welded with Leister and sealed in the normal way
    o To pre-fasten the lining on reinforced concrete surfaces (for instance on steps, to ensure better traction for floor lining and on shutter housing top areas, without using anchor bolts)
    o Installation of PVC lining over an existing PVC lining (for instance in case of repairs or reconstruction over old PVC lining, re-lining after installation of Foam layer); the perimeter of the new lining is then welded with Leister and sealed as usual



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