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    The super reflective properties of the H.R. UV-C optimises UV-C radiation and dramatically increases performance.

    Technical features

    • Highest UV reflective index on the market equating to supreme efficiency
    • E-PTFE reaction chamber is extremely repellent, maintaining UV reflectivity
    • Up to 95% reflection amplifying the exposure of microorganisms to UV
    • No harmful gases or by-products produced
    • Neutralises bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi that traditional chemicals cannot
    • Optional smart peristaltic dosing system for chlorine/ hydrogen peroxide (Pro model only)
    • Powerful sterilisation and eliminates the smell of chlorine
    • Average lamp life expectancy: 2 years
    • Equipped with intelligent lamp life indicator (Classic & Pro models only)
    • Sea and salt chlorinated water compatible
    • Available in three sizes: Mini (30m3), Single (55m3) and Double (110m3)
    • Models: Standard, Classic and Pro



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