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Incorporates purpose-built components for long lasting and high efficiency that achieves maximum results. Internal fins, containing high performance titanium dioxide TiO2, provides a corrosion resistance, impermeable ice formation and a dustproof evaporator coil.

Technical features

  • Used for heating or cooling residential and public pools such as hotels, schools, fitness centres, and aqua parks.
  • From 16kW up to 200kW.
  • High efficiency that reaches up to 13 COP, reduces energy usage and enables a longer swimming season.
  • Unique design metal cabinet with integrated control system.
  • Inverter fan with low noise level and vertical air discharge. As a result, the sound level of the unit at 1meter,is as low as 40dB(A) under silence mode.
  • Defrosting: At reduced noise levels, the unit defrosts the evaporator when the ventilator is activated.
  • High/Low pressure protection available.
  • Intelligent touch screen LCD control system can be connected to BMS or Wi-FI.
  • Titanium Heat Exchanger.
  • Titanium dioxide TiO2 coating for the evaporator provides protection from corrosion and delivers maximum life expectancy.
  • Mitsubishi inverter compressor with R410A Refrigerant.
  • Phase monitor: Protects the compressor in case of phase loss or inversion.
  • Super Silent:
    – The compressor inside the unit is wrapped with a new noise reduction internal sponge, proven to effectively reduce sound levels.
    – The Mitsubishi Inverter compressor produces a much lower running noise level.
    – A newly developed fan blade design is employed within the heat pump which makes the unit run even quieter.
  • An electronic expansion valve, on each compressor, regulates the refrigerant flow rate to ensure the unit operates with high efficiency in different weather conditions.



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