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    • Improves the performance of sand filtration systems
    • Eliminates murky water by collecting suspended particles
    • Suitable for all sand filter equipment

    Add a cartridge (every 10 to 15 days) to the pump prefilter or skimmer basket after a filter
    wash. Suitable for 6,600 gallon (25m3) pools.


    • Eliminates cloudy water by causing small particles to clump together and sink to the
      bottom of the pool for vacuuming
    • Ready to use and much easier than the powder form
    • Effective for pool water with pH 6.9 to 7.8 levels
    • Suitable for all sand filtration equipment

    User advice for private/residential pools For cloudy pools or after a chlorine shock, treat the pool with 7 fl.oz. per 2,600 gallon (0.2Ltr/10m3) of water. Switch off the filter, dilute the liquid flocculant in a watering can and spread around the pool. The solution will create a grey flocculent which will cause all suspended particles to sink mto the bottom of the pool. After 1/2 a day, remove the dirt and debris using a vacuum cleaner and direct it to the nearest drain. Do not allow the water to go through the filtration system. Once complete, adjust the water level to the desired level.



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