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    Before pool installation, please consult building specialist for pool installation in your territory. In specific cases, when soil is unstable or specific, when there is a downhill or other nonstandard situations, additional soil and pool reinforcements, indicated by building specialist, might be needed. PLACE PREPARATION • Before digging the hole, determine the future place of the pool in territory. Be sure, that there will be enough space to bring the pool into your territory. There has to be approach road wide enough, and possibility for crane to load the pool into a prepared place. The width of the hole has to be 300 mm wider then width of the external walls of the pool. The depth of the hole has to match the requirements of the instructions of depth.• Please estimate that underneath the bottom of the pool it is necessary to lay the drainage basis of crushed stone. We recommend lining the walls and bottom of the pool with GEOTEXTILE – in that way the new soil will be separated from the old one.• Perform the installation of the pool equipment: connect the water assembler, water filling details, projector and etc.• Connect tubing and electric systems. If the pool is not covered with heat isolation material by factory, we recommend covering it personally; in that case water in the pool will be warmer.• When all tubing elements are connected, it is possible to fill the pool with water.• When filling the external part of the pool, the pool has to be filled with water in parallel!• When filling the exterior with crushed stone, make sure that it will fill in all gaps underneath the pool bottom and stairs. We recommend easy thickening of soil by watering and/or using spade or shank. If the hole was made much bigger than indicated in this instruction, all external part has to be filled with crushed stone. Regular soil can be not enough stable for filling. AQUA FIBERGLASS POOL GUARANTEE The pools are provided with 10-year warranty, if the pools are installed according to requirements of given instruction:1. The fiberglass pool has to be deepened into the ground for 135cm.2. If the pool is not covered with polyurethane foam by factory, we recommend covering it with 30mm – thick sheets of polyurethane foam.3. Exterior of the pool has to be filled with crushed stone, which layer has to be not thinner than 300mm from pool wall. Crushed stone 8-32mm.4. The 5cm layer of fine gravel – crushed stone is required to even the surface.5. Underneath the pool bottom there has to be 300mm dens pillow of crushed stone. Crushedstone 8 – 32mm.



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