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    Used for the waterproofing of pools or concrete basins in new or previously painted pools. Our 5kg epoxy enamel package is ideal as a catalyst (808800012), applying three coats is recommended.


    1. Remove dust, preferably with a vacuum cleaner
    2. Clean with an acidic detergent, eliminating all traces of grease, rust, etc.
    3. Rinse with water
    4. Add the catalyst (not included) in a proportion of 1 to 2
    5. Mix well and allow to settle for 15 minutes. Apply within 8 hours. The product can be applied with brush, roller or sprayed. If necessary, add nitro thinner
    6. Wait 6-7 days before filling the pool

    Coverage/mixing suggestions:

    • For first coat, use slightly diluted. Use 1kg of product for every 4 to 6 sq.m
    • For second coat, use undiluted. Use 1kg of product for every 4 to 6 sq.



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