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    Technical features

    • This revolutionary combination of UV-C and copper electrolysis in one disinfection system, minimizing the use of chlorine
    • A built-in electronic ballast to ensure an efficient and stable power supply
    • Enables swimming with very low amount of chlorine
    • Up to 35% more UV-C yield as a result of reflection
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Includes 63mm to 50mm fittings, 1.5” female threaded


    This revolutionary combination of UV-C and copper electrolysis means you can have  a chlorine-free pool! With the Blue Lagoon Copper Ionizer UV-C, you have to test your pool water once every two weeks. You only need to test your water values with the supplied test strips and, if necessary, adjust the device to the correct level. Other ionizer systems dose approximately 2 ppm copper in your pool water. With Blue Lagoon Copper Ionizer UV-C, a dose of 0.7 ppm will be enough to safely disinfect your pool. This device is able to reduce the chlorine concentration up to 100%! Max. copper:
    0.7 ppm. Connections: Ø 63mm / 50mm / 1’’



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