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Bobbin-wound, reinforced fibreglass sand filter with 6-way multiport top or side mounted valves and a UV-resistant surface to resist extreme weather conditions. For residential and commercial pools.

  • 6-way multiport, top or side mounted selector for easy operation
    and maintenance (Filtration, backwash, rinsing, waste, circulation and lock).
  • Complete with pressure gauge, manual air release
    and water purge valves
  • Fitted with UPVC collector arms and diffuser
  • Top mount ‘MU’ series includes closure and screw
  • Side mount ‘MU’ series (450, 550, 600 and 700)
    includes glass top cover, seal clamps and butterfly valve
  • Side mount ‘MU’ series (800 and 900)
    includes top cover made from ABS and Polycarbonate
    with side screw closure valve
  • Side mount ‘MU’ series (1000 and 1200)
    includes top cover and center clamp closure valve
  • Maximum operating pressure: 2.5 bar
    (Test pressure: 4 bar)
  • Warranty: 5 years on filter body



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