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AQUA OZONE EQUIPMENTS “CTO 50,100,150& 200’’

The CTO-30W, 40W and 60W are cabinet, water-cooled, corona discharge type ozone generators specifically designed for industrial applications. The system Incorporates water -cooled quartz glass, stainless steel ozone cell, solid state high frequency power supplies, PSA oxygen concentration modules, manual adjusting & function indicating control panel, grey epoxy powder coated mild steel cabinet with mounting legs and with the key functions of ozone ON/OFF, 4-20 ma remote controls & ozone safe interlock. These systems can be fed by customer supplied tank type oil-less compressor or multi small oil-less air compressor supplies by us. These ozone generators produce ozone in 50g/hr, 100g/hr, 150g/hr and 200g/hr.

Technical features

  • Corona Discharge (CD)
  • Integrated PSA module(s)
  • Ozone ON/Off remote control
  • 40-20ma Ozone remote control
  • Modular design, water cooled
  • Floor mounted cabinet
  • 3-in-1 gas feed pneumatic device
  • Optional anti backflow water solenoid valve


  • Clear, clean water
  • Complete sanitation
  • Superior oxidation
  • No harmful by-products
  • Zero or reduced chlorine usage
  • Neutral PH water value



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