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AFM® – ACTIVATED FILTER MEDIA 10AFM® is a unique bio resistant filter mediaThe raw material used for AFM® is green container glass. The glass is washed, disinfected, thermally treated then reduced to a very specific grain size and shape. For security reasons, the production process (cyclonic size reduction) assures that no dangerous glass splinters are present in the filter media. After size reduction, the grains are activated in a patented three step process. This creates a mesoporous structure with a huge catalytic surface area of 50’000 m2 per m3. The surface area is 300 times larger than the surface area of sand or other glass filter media. The surface area is important for all adsorptive and catalytic reactions. In contact with the water free radicals (OH-radicals) are formed, which protect the surface from bio-fouling. The larger the surface area the higher performance and bio-resistance you will get from the media.To produce one ton of AFM®, 1,8 tons of green glass is needed. AFM is produced according to ISO 9001-2008 standards. We now also have the worlds most important certification for drinking water: NSF 61.Advantages:• Crystal clear waterAFM® filters at least 30 – 50% more than quartz or glass sand.• Lower consumption of chlorineThe better the filtration, the lower the chlorine demand.• No trichloramine – no chlorine smellAFM® prevents growth of biofilm.• No biofilm – no LegionellaBiofilm is a home for pathogens such as Legionella.• Perfection for chlorine-free systemsAFM® greatly reduces the oxidation demand.



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