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Technical features

  • Control panel ON-OFF / proportional regulation of pH and Chlorine from 0-2 and 0-5 ppm for public and private pools composed by:
  • N.1 1 AE START+ “PH-RX or PH-CL(J)” with 2 measure
  • N.2 HC151+ PIMA (M70) adjustable on 3 models
  • Modular probe holder for pH probes + RX electrode (only for RX series)
  • Chlorine cell (Pt-Cu) complete with PH Electrode (only for CL series)
  • Amperometric membrane probe for free chlorine with PH Electrode output signal in mV (only for CLJ series)
  • Complete with flow sensor and flow regulator
  • Temperature probe
  • pH Buffer solutions
  • 2 level probes
  • RS485 output
  • Power supply: 110-240V 50/60Hz


  • No. 2004/108/CE EMC directive
  • No. 2006/95/CE ‘DBT low voltage directive’
  • No. 2011/65/UE, 2002/96/CE ‘RoHS and WEEE directives’



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