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    Technical features

    • A fashionable, portable or wall mounted, indoor dehumidifier
    • Highly efficient – Absorbs clammy air in atmosphere and provides a pleasant environment
    • Epoxy fin air exchanger (wall mounted)
    • Clock and timer, on/off function (wall mounted)
    • Environmentally friendly and quite operation
    • Clears windows and dry walls – No more foggy windows or condensation on pool room walls. AQUA dehumidifiers preserve the construction integrity and gives a pleasant feeling to the occupants in the room
    • Simple installation – Can be free standing or wall mounted. It is also duct ready, so the control can be easily made using 220V wiring
    • Quality construction and reliability – AQUA dehumidifier comes in white coated anti-humidity paint or in stainless steel body, a digital LCD controller and gas pressure gauge. The unit is covered under a 5 year warranty
    • Low electrical cost: AQUA dehumidifier utilises a refrigeration system that requires only a small electrical load
    • Humidity control – Stabilises room conditions through dehumidification, reducing the maintenance cost of the room and provides a very pleasant environment to the pool room
    • Indoor pool room heating – Recovering energy from the dehumidification process will often heat an entire pool room for the cost of operating the dehumidifier alone
    • Indoor pool room cooling – An optional remote condenser will allow the DCA system to cool the pool room during the warm months
    • Easy to maintain – The AQUA dehumidifier system is a closed loop system with nothing to oil or lubricate. Simple return air filter maintenance is all that is needed



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