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Acrylic Floor Applications:
Acrylic floor system: This application is the largest flooring system used. It can be
applied in the most economical and quick way. Acrylic Sports Flooring System can
be applied for the usage of outdoor sports grounds of Municipalities – Schools – Play
area, Walking or Cycling routes, Basketball fields, Tennis courts, and Multipurpose fields.
System Description:
Sand-filled emulsion system to fill the small gaps between the old floor and the new
floor Sand is injected into the acrylic resin to form a suitable surface texture. Depending
on the type of application required.

– Long-lasting system
– Strong adherence to the ground
– Easy maintenance with a low cost
– Durable
– Provides high performance to the user
– No gliding of the system after application
– Durable in extreme weather conditions
– No fading of the color of the surface
– Applicable for variable outdoor sports grounds
– Flexible and shock absorbing property of acrylic system with shock pad
– Infuse the small gaps on the floor
-Available in different colours
-Provides a non-slip surface
-Applicable to concrete or asphalt base
-Can be used on rubber cushion rolls for higher elasticity
-Desired pattern or playing field lines can be applied comfortably



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